Jake Rowley (USA)

Jacob 'JT' Rowley is an Actor, Musician, Singer and Songwriter from the small town of Nederland in South-East Texas. At just 19 years old, Jake was chosen for a role that he was born to play, that of a young Elvis Presley in the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet. Jake exudes the same raw passion and energy in every performance that drove Elvis himself to the top. The press has even nicknamed Jake "the new Teen King" From a very early age Jake was surrounded by the musical tastes of his grandparents and his older brother, as well as there love for the music of Elvis Presley. He was truly inspired especially by the sound and the energy in the early hits of Elvis as well as the Rock a Billy and Rock N Roll Artists of that time like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Bill Haley and Chuck Berry. Jake’s roots in Southeast Texas also surrounded him with Classic Country music, Southern Gospel and early roots Blues & Not to mention Western Swing, The combination of all these influences is what gave Jake his unique sound and style which is quite rare for such a young artist.

Jake also fell in love with the music of the ‘smooth crooners, Jump Blues and downright swinging artists from the 40's 50's & 60's such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Perry Como Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima . Recently, Jake has developed a special respect for many of the great early Jazz artists as well (Joe Pass, etc.) . Jake plays guitar, bass and piano and has an intrinsic ability to sing and act. His uncanny natural resemblance to Elvis Presley has caused Jake to be in high demand for acting roles (i.eMillion Dollar Quartet) as Elvis and other roles as well, including his new venture with his Original group The Payola Kings

Jake is an amazingly talented young man. Jake will continue to tour with Million Dollar Quartet through June, then reprise his role at the Ogunquit Playhouse' Million Dollar Quartet Debut as well as perform many concerts In the 2nd part of this year he is pursuing many new acting roles in theater, television and film and also launched his recording & Directing career in 2016.